Mandate & Policies of IDE

Mandate & Policies of IDE

Since the Institute is part of the conventional university institution, its mandate is, in collaboration with the conventional Departments of the University, to:

  1. initiate, plan design, organize, offer, and coordinate academic and professional university programmes using the distance education delivery mode;
  1. establish an organizational structure which has a high quality academic  and professional staff;
  1. Convert, coordinate and administer university programmes offered on-campus into distance education programmes;
  1. Ensure, in collaboration with the other university departments, equivalence and parity of standards between on-campus and off-campus university;
  1. Establish regional teaching/learning centres;
  1. Establish an Academic Board and a Steering Planning Committee;
  1. Recommend to the Senate the award of university level certificates, diplomas and degrees.

The policy guidelines and working relationship between the IDE and UNISWA conventional Departments were:


1.  Normally, IDE based on needs assessments and in consultation with the relevant conventional Departments of the University, will initiate and recommend to the Senate the offering of academic and professional programmes and courses using  the distance education delivery mode.

2. In the event that an on-campus programme is also offered off-campus through IDE, the curriculum shall be the same and academic departments, through Heads of Departments, are responsible for providing  IDE with the course syllabi and course content.

3.  Course lecturers, IDE specialists, the IDE Academic Board and the Boards of the

relevant Departments are responsible for the overall monitoring and maintenance of academic standards and equivalences between the on-campus and off-campus programmes; and/or any other academic programme/s or course.

4.  Normally, an academic staff member who teaches a course to on-campus students shall be responsible for writing the IDE course module and teaching it to off-campus students. The latter includes setting, marking, and grading of assignments, tests and examinations. In the event that the on-campus and off-campus students are taking the same course(s), they will write the same final examination; and will be awarded the same qualifications (certificates, diplomas, or degrees).

5.  IDE shall be responsible for the overall management and coordination of the off

campus programmes and courses including applications, admissions, students’ records, enrolment, withdrawals, printing and distribution of teaching materials; receiving and dispatching assignments, arranging residential sessions, organizing tutors, etc.