Welcome to the Institute of Distance Education

The Institute of Distance Education was established specifically to provide educational and training opportunities for individuals who had been unable to undertake conventional and professional university programmes and courses. Distance education targets you if you are:

  • in full-time employment  and can not not attend classes on a full time basis.
  • self-employed and also can not not attend University on a full time basis.
  • unemployed and need further education and training to get employment and/or to improve your life; and
  • a post high school graduate who wish to enrol  at the University but because of the shortage of places on the full time programmes, you could not be admitted.


The vision of the Institute of Distance Education is to be an international centre of excellence in distance education access, delivery, practice, research and life-long learning.



The mission of the Institute of Distance Education is to increase access to tertiary education by providing demand-driven educational and....

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In the early 1990’s, the University was inundated with requests from working adults for programmes that would allow them to learn, gain knowledge and qualifications so...


IDE in is the process of developing a blended eLearning Strategy through offering components of courses through an Electronic-learning

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Since the Institute is part of the conventional university institution, its mandate is, in collaboration with the conventional Departments of the University,..

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Starting from the first program that the IDE offered, i.e. the Diploma in Law, the Institute has continued to add new programs and courses.

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